The Rising Demand of Plastic Extrusions and Custom Molding

17 Feb

Today, plastic extrusion has become a popular industrial activity across the globe because of it’s steep rise and demand in the infrastructure sector. Plastic extrusion and custom mold designing is one of the fastest growing and lucrative careers in the world. As a result, many schools and institutions are now offering advanced technical courses to Read More

5 Essentials That Make a Perfect Water Softener System

13 Jan

Manufacturers who build a perfect brine well softener system should always research what their customers are looking for when it comes to features, price and versatility. There are many brine well accessories and features that are convenient as well as energy efficient. A few common features can make a brine well softener system perfect for Read More

Key Benefits and Features of Grooved Piping Systems

30 Dec

A grooved piping system is a fast and dependable way of joining pipes, rather than threading or welding. Grooves are either rolled or cut into the ends of the pipe. Valves and other components are manufactured with the same groove profiles. Pipe couplings that have flexible designs allow for pipe expansion or contraction. Couplings The Read More

Application Benefits of Pneumatic Tube Systems for Hospitals

23 Dec

A pneumatic tube transport system has many applications that make it ideal for a hospital setting and healthcare facilities. The logistics alone make it’s installation a valuable tool and the right decision to consider. Save time on running samples, medications, etc., from place to place or waiting for someone to deliver long-awaited discharge papers. The Read More

It’s Time to Go Green With Plastic Cores

11 Dec

Today, global warming has become a major threat to our natural environment, which is caused by various human activities. Burning fossil fuels, emitting carbon dioxide and deforestation are some of the major tampering with nature, which are destroying the natural greenery around the globe. It becomes our responsibility to move a step towards saving our Read More

How Infrastructure Industry Influences Growth for PVC Products

26 Nov

During the 19th century, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was discovered by accident, but it was only after many decades that its application started in water infrastructure. It was during World War II in Germany that the first PVC pipe was installed and after the war, it was brought to the U.S. and it has been in Read More

10 Key Societal Benefits of Plastics and Polymers

18 Nov

Plastic has played a major role in modern technology for the past half century, even in the aerospace industry. It has helped make satellites, aircraft and space shuttles more innovative. Here are ten significant ways plastic industries contribute to the overall economy. Outer Space Plastic One of the most adventurous ways the plastic industries have Read More

3 Steps for Producing Plastic Pipes Through Extrusion Molding

4 Nov

Plastic pipe fittings have become popular in homes and commercial settings. This is because plastic pipes are more affordable, durable, and versatile. Plastic pipes can be used for a number of things, including transporting potable water, transferring chemicals and carrying waste, heating and cooling fluids, slurries, gases and pure liquids, amongst others. Plastic pipes and Read More

Tips for Building a Halloween Zombie Prop Using PVC

25 Oct

PVC pipes can be used to make almost any type of zombie prop. Before cutting any pipe, you will need to pick out the clothing and other accessories you plan on using to make the prop. You will need to measure each piece of clothing to determine how long to cut each piece of pipe. Read More

California Imposes Statewide Ban on Plastic Microbeads

21 Oct

With Gov. Jerry Brown’s stamp of approval in the beginning of this month, California now figures in the list of states that have banned the sale of products carrying plastic microbeads in what is widely believed by lawmakers to be the most stringent legislation till date. The legislation will come into force from Jan. 1, Read More